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Michael 'Fatty' Coppleman, MC Team Rider

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Michael 'Fatty' Coppleman lives in his hometown of Nambour, on the Sunshine Coast. He started skating at age 7 and is a sponsored rider for Mudjimba Cruisers.
Who are your favorite people to skate with? "NBS squad. There's about 5 riders in my immediate area, we meet up pretty often for a skate." You can see him pretty often at Hillclimb or G5 in Brisbane. 'I'd love to see a sanctioned event at Mount Stuart or Freakshow.' His preferred trucks are Ronins and for gripping or racing you'll see him on White Rads or Blue Biggies. Freeride he's on MC wheels as his preferred brand. Downhill freeride and racing are his disciplines of choice. 'I'm inspired by James Kelly because he is so fricken epic.'
The board that started it all was a Landyachts Chinook. 'Worst bail? Getting flipped up horizontal at 60kph and landing in the gutter."

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