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Jack Quinn, MC Team Rider

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What's your hometown?  Buderim Meadows Represent. "I’ve been on boards since I was about 6 years old, rocking that k-mart transformers deck." Are there many other skaters in your area?  A majority of the people I skate with nowadays either live in Buderim, or I met them skating in Buderim. Who are your favourite people to skate with?  As long as they’re not a kook and they’re not blowing the spot, they’re cool by me. What's your favourite place to skate?  S-Bends fo sho, such a radical run with some awesome corners to steeze out on. What style of skating did you start out with?  I was really into old-school just before I started freeriding. I actually started freeriding my old-school decks before I could afford an actual longboard deck. I’m predominantly into freeride but haulin’ ass and going fast are two of my favourite things to do. I’d like to see events at S-Bends, Drifters and a local Buderim spot known as cranny just for a laugh. Who do you ride for?  Mudjimba Cruisers & the AMSK8 homies represent. Preferred Trucks?  Currently riding Bear precisions and they most certainly are my preferred truck of choice. So stable, so smooth, so fresh, so fly. Favourite wheels for gripping/racing?  Bustin Royce Pros are absolutely amazing for gripping round corners as you take everyone’s inside around the hill. Favourite wheels for sliding/freeride?  MC Gobbies, why ride anything else? The perfect wheel for freeriding just about any hill.
When it comes to filming, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so if we’re trying to get a shot of a certain slide, I won’t move on until its looking flossy.
Top memorable skate moment?  I remember when we were skating around Buderim after grabbing a bite to eat and we found two couches that people were giving away, so we carted them around and took them back to the spot we were skating and chilled on those during the session. What skater inspires you the most and why?  Billy Bones, ive never met the dude but I dig his style and his vibe. He seems like he’d be one of the most fun people to skate with.   Do you even Evo?  Fuck Switch. 11393282_993191117360124_5528097638070381074_o What was your worst bail? I decided to ride my friends double kick down this steep-ass incline. This resulted in the entire left side of my body being shredded to pieces, holes in my gloves and a puck perfectly smashed in half. The shower that night was not fun.   Follow Jack on Instagram here. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2cmVZcJlCw&feature=youtu.be[/embed]

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