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Leggy's America Trip 2015- Part 1

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So Roy and I decided go to the U.S.A, with fellow Aussies Josh Evans and Brennan Bast. The first stop was L.A. Upon landing we were picked up by local shredder Noah Fischer and taken to some of Malibu’s best runs. Roy and I were straight into it shredding thane and flesh down some iconic downhill runs with mates. The next day got even better heading to Santa Barbara to skate some truly epic runs in the mountains with the Santa Gnarbara crew till the sun went down. That was pretty much the routine for the whole time in Cali… Endless skating, interrupted by beach visits, Mexican food and chill sessions with new mates. [gallery size="full" ids="138,139,140" orderby="rand"] After an exhausting four days in the sun, we were off on a red eye flight to New York. Straight into a hire car and a six hour drive later, we were at the Burke Mountain Freeride. The first night was spent in an ‘Evil Dead’ wooden cabin, complete with dead animals on the walls and an American flag out front courtesy of the MIDS crew. These boys know how to party and we rolled up for the first day of the event a little worse for wear. Poor Bassi had picked up a bug and looked like he was at Death’s door. The hill woke us up quickly though, and we struggled happily through a full day of riding. Burke Mountain is epic, all hairpins and switchbacks with fast straights in a beautiful green mountain setting. That night we got away from the partying for a good feed at a country pub. We followed up dinner with night in a hotel, which we were thankful for. By the next morning, everyone was fighting fit and we spent the day doing six man pack runs with Mauritz from Sweden, and Ross from the U.S. If you can only get to one skate event next year, make it this one. Thirty-seven runs in two days, down one of the greatest hills around. So much fun! [gallery size="full" ids="142,143,144,145,146,147"] With Burke done, we headed back to New York.  Sam and the NYCL crew were our tour guides while we rested up for 3 days and explored the Big Apple. We were showed a great time. One of the best things about skate travel is making new mates with locals. They show you the best spots for everything, from a day out to the best burgers and the cheapest beer in town. After a few days of greasy food and crazy people, we picked up Colorado skater Tanner Morelock from the airport, jumped in a hire car and headed out to Port Jervis for the Acme Downhill Race. There, we met up with fellow Aussie Tyron Knight. This was your typical fun event with a bunch of skaters coming together for three days of skating, partying and camping. The first two days saw us freeriding all day. Beer runs, Polaroid camera runs and everything in-between. Saturday night, partying went on as usual. Everyone was just getting to bed when a rather drunken organiser decided to go on a violent rant for a few hours. After getting virtually no sleep, I wasn’t really keen to turn up for racing on Sunday but came along to cheer on the boys. The Aussies killed it at Acme with Tyrone taking 2nd in Juniors, Josh taking 3rd in Opens and Bassi and Roy both raced in the Concis with Bassi taking the win. [gallery link="none" size="full" ids="149,151,155,156,157,158"]   Subscribe to Skate MC in the sidebar on the right to read Part 2- coming soon. Part 2: Straight after the podium, we left our new mates and followed Tanner to Colorado for epic hills and our first International Downhill Federation World Cup event at Pikes Peak. Plus our Canadian adventure!  

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