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Zach Hewett, MC Team Rider

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What's your hometown?  Wano How old were you when you first started skating?  16 and 3 quarters. Are there many other skaters in your area? How do you hook up with them?  Yeah Sunny Coast has a rad crew, usually communicate over Facebook. Who are your favourite people to skate with?  Anyone affiliated with NBS. What's your favourite place to skate?  Drifters, Sunshine Coast. What style of skating did you start out with?   I used to ride bikes, got a skateboard and started Downhill straight up. 10632868_877830528947819_6919427958362703466_n Do you race? What's your top 3 dream Australian hills you'd like to see a sanctioned event at?  All I do is race! Mt panorama, Mt Stuart, Dorrigo. Who do you ride for?  Mudjimba Cruisers only at the moment. Preferred Trucks?  Aera Favourite wheels for gripping/racing?  There's a wheel for each hill, usually find me on 78a Rads. Favourite wheels for sliding/freeride?  MC Gobbies. What disciplines do you practice?  Racing only. Top memorable skate moment of yours?  The Philippines trip of 2015 was proper skitz- in particular racing Siquior! Who is your favourite skater?  K-Rimes, for his race craft. What was the board you first started skating on?  Landyachtz Switchblade. Do you even Evo?  Yuck. What was your worst bail?  Racing drunk at Lakeside 2013. Earnt a scar for life.  

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