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Custom Skateboard Graphics- Make Your Own

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IMG_4879 Let's talk custom skateboard graphics. Ever find that perfect skate board, but the picture on the bottom is just putting you off ? Got a favourite deck but she’s looking a little TOO loved? Bring life back into the old whip, or make a popular board your own. How? Just get some spray paint and go ham. Messing with your skateboard graphic isn’t for everyone, but that’s not to say that it’s only for the artists and craftspeople. You only need an idea to get started. Being artistically inclined, every time I get a new board all I see is potential for something that no one has under their feet. Having a graphic that's my own and that I’m proud of gives me a lot of satisfaction. More than my boards turning heads or showing off some graphics skills, even better, it brings you and your board closer. Enough of why- let's talk about how. What you’ll need
  • A skateboard to work on
  • A small orbital sander (parental supervision required if grommet)
  • Sand paper (280 grit, 480grit)
  • A dust safety mask (worn when sanding and painting)
  • Some clear spray paint or vanish
  • Other items like coloured spray paint, paintpens, tape are up to you.
Step 1 : Acquire some skateable wood. Step 2 : Place your board griptape down, so the pretty picture you want to destroy or enhance is facing down. Step 3: Prepping board. You don’t always have to completely remove a graphic if you like it a little, or in some cases you physically can’t remove it (like with some fiberglass boards). So here’s two methods depending on your desired end product.
  • Get some coarse sand paper (p280 grit) either on a sheet, or for a hand sander. Start anywhere and work your way around the board until the wood grain is visible. Then once you're done, get some finer sand paper (p480-p800 girt) and go over it again so  the surface is optimal.
  •  Get some spray paint and either go a full coat so that nothing is visible underneath the paint, or spray it lightly over the top. With a light coat, you can make out the shapes underneath to be used for outlines.
Step 4 : Time to get creative! The possibilities are endless.
  • Get some ink and stain the wood
  • Write some catchy phrases with tape and spray paint over it
  • Cut out some stencils and make Bansky proud
  • Pick up a lead pencil and sketch your ideal girl on to it
  • Go full art-classy and start throwing paint around.
Step 5 :Seal your board. My favourite methods:
  • Good ole deck varnish and paint on a couple of coats
  • Get yourself some clear spray paint and cover the whole thing.
longboard custom graphics

There you have it, your own rolling art piece. Now go forth and skate.

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