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Patrick Walker, MC Team Rider

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52181_915216411869893_7277271806655959686_o What's your hometown? Nambour. How old were you when you first started skating? First skated in my early teens. Are there many other skaters in your area? How do you connect with other skaters and arrange to meet up? Yeah, we're lucky enough to have a pretty rad scene, usually Facebook or call. Who are your favourite people to skate with? NBS, NGS, Monkeypig crews and too many more to list. What's your favourite place to skate? Mt Stuart and Dorrigo. What style of skating did you start out with? (if not downhill) When did you move to downhill? Cruiser's, I'm terrible on a double kick, started downhill at 26. Do you race? What's your top 3 dream Australian hills you'd like to see a sanctioned event at? Yes racing is so much fun, and for dream races in Australia, Mt Stuart, Bananas and Freakshow. Who do you ride for? Mudjimba Cruisers Landyachtz Longboards Bear Trucks Hawgs Wheels Floorcote Preferred Trucks? Kodiaks Favourite wheels for gripping/racing? 78a 70mm Biggie Hawgs Favourite wheels for sliding/freeride? Street hawgs/micro monsters/tracers What disciplines do you practice? Only stand up. Top memorable skate moment of yours? The whole Philippines trip, especially finishing 4th in my first IDF race. Who is your favourite skater? What skater inspires you the most and why? James Kelly, cause he's so damn good. What was the board you first started skating on? Landyachtz Evo. What was your worst bail? Had a big stack at Perth last year, hitting a guardrail to avoid a car pulling out.

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