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Cameron Hancock, MC Team Rider

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11150978_10203559057249086_5391402396033493065_n_Fotor What's your hometown? Nambour home of NBS How old were you when you first started skating? 16 Are there many other skaters in your area? How do you connect with other skaters and arrange to meet up? Yeah, within 5minutes is NBS (Leggy, Fatty, Paddy, Gemma) within 20mins there’s the rest of boys Zach, Roy and Jacob, then there’s the rest of family in Brisbane and Melbourne and Sydney and just about everywhere else from the Philippines to Germany. We get together through Facebook or sites like ASRA or IDF and Who are your favourite people to skate with? The crew (NBS). What's your favourite place to skate? My local Flowers, two rad corners with a fast straight at the bottom best place to dial in a set up or try some new wheels. What style of skating did you start out with? (if not downhill) When did you move to downhill? I started out on my sisters Zflex riding skate parks after school. Do you race? What's your top 3 dream Australian hills you'd like to see a sanctioned event at? Yes and plamimono, macs pass and I want newtons back so I can race it. Who do you ride for? I ride for Mudjimba Cruisers and Bustin Boards Australia. Preferred Trucks? Aera K4s / Skoa Vapors Favourite wheels for gripping/racing? At the moment Bustin Royce pro wheels 82a Favourite wheels for sliding/freeride? 5-0 royce 69mm 80a What disciplines do you practice? Stand up mostly but I have raced classic luge. Top memorable skate moment of yours? Everytime I get travel for skateboarding all these moments tie for 1st. Who is your favourite skater? What skater inspires you the most and why? It’d make sense to say William Royce, but I don’t have one. What was the board you first started skating on? Jay Adams re issue Zflex. What was your worst bail? Its a tie between wobbling out at 80ks and rag dolling and doing a very slow backflip over 20 metres at the MC slide jam.

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