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Roy Churchland, MC Team Rider

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  What's your hometown? Noosa in Queensland, Straya. How old were you when you first started skating? Skated park when I was about 10, but didn’t get into downhill until I was 16. Are there many other skaters in your area? How do you connect with other skaters and arrange to meet up? There are 3 of us. Zach Hewitt, Jacob Friend and myself. We usually head down the coast to meet up with others though, plus there's better hills there. Who are your favourite people to skate with? People that know what they're doing. I've been skating with Zach for about 6-7 years now so we are pretty comfortable, Patrick Walker is another great skater and he's not afraid to get close so that’s always fun. What's your favourite place to skate? Somewhere I've never skated before, uncharted territory is always the best! What style of skating did you start out with? (if not downhill) When did you move to downhill? I started downhill when I was 16. I remember a local store had got the Landyatchz switchblade in and Zach bought one straight away…haha when I saw him tuck down this hill out the front of his house (which is almost flat) I went and bought the exact same setup. Do you race? What's your top 3 dream Australian hills you'd like to see a sanctioned event at? I love racing, people try their hardest when they're trying to win and it usually results in some tight skating or heavy crashes. There’s only one race I want to see in Australia and that’s Newtons Nation. Who do you ride for? Mudjimba Cruisers!!! But mainly for myself. Preferred Trucks? Aera K3's. I've been on the same set of trucks for over 3 years now and they're still going strong. Favourite wheels for gripping/racing? RAD's and Biggies are always good. Favourite wheels for sliding/freeride? Whatever I have in my bag. What disciplines do you practice? Scientology. Top memorable skate moment of yours? Winning my first International race in the Philippines recently. Who is your favourite skater? What skater inspires you the most and why? Jacob Friend, he's a little chubby bubby that hauls ass. What was the board you first started skating on? A really flexy cruiser that I got from a dudes garage for free when I was on holidays in Manly. What was your worst bail? Fractured my arm, but I've probably had more painful crashes.  

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