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Finlay Wilson, MC Team Rider

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12342635_941551792593895_7283624608193411349_n What's your hometown? Brisbane, Australia. How old were you when you first started skating? I got a tan-tien for Christmas when I was 11, but got my first skateboard at 10. How do you connect with other skaters and arrange to meetup? There used to be a mad crew of skaters every weekend, but there's not as many people skating now which makes it more difficult. Who are your favourite people to skate with? NBS for sure. What's your favourite place to skate? Mount Stuart in Townsville is probably my favourite hill so far, but there's a couple of hills in Brisbane and the sunshine coast that are awesome. When did you move to downhill? My intention was always downhill, but my first board was a skateboard, which I learnt to skate on. What's your top 3 dream Australian hills you'd like to see a sanctioned event at? there is a hill on the sunshine coast which would make for some sick racing, Mount Stuart, and some hill in the snowy mountains probably. Who do you ride for? Mudjimba Cruisers and Acid Longboards. Preferred Trucks? Recently got Skoas, and I'm loving them. Favourite wheels for gripping/racing? I got put onto Biggie Hawgs by the Nambour crew, and will never go back. Favourite wheels for sliding/freeride? Gotta say I really like the MC wheels, but more so the Everlasting Gobbies. What disciplines do you practice? Downhill and freeride mostly, but want to get into park and bowl. Top memorable skate moment of yours? Rallying down the BTB track with skaters from all over Australia. What skater inspires you the most and why? Favourite skater would have to be either Sam Hay or Cooper Darquea, such rad skaters. What was the board you first started skating on? A “drawing boards” street board. What was your worst bail? Probably coming off pretty quick on a hill in Brisbane, and grating my bum raw.  

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