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Jacob Friend, MC Team Rider

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10981358_1147937515222414_191487952029844933_n What's your hometown? Noosa! How old were you when you first started skating? I first picked up a board when i was about 5 or 6, but i got into the DH scene when i was around 15. Are there many other skaters in your area? Yeah a few guys and groups like NBS and NGS etc.. How do you connect with other skaters and arrange to meetup? Just get on the ole FB and arrange a sick sesh.. Who are your favourite people to skate with? Fav guys to skate with are the NBS boys and the rest of our crew What's your favourite place to skate? Fav places to skate would be Drifters Paradise, Mayple Syrup and a few other gems i can't tell ya about What style of skating did you start out with? When i started skating i got into the heaps old OG kinda decks (narrow and small trucks etc) and thrashed around on those type of set ups around town. My first longboard was a home mady when my mate and I got bored at the end of 2012. Do you race? What's your top 3 dream Australian hills you'd like to see a sanctioned event at? Yeah, three events a want to attend would be; Newtons Nation at Mt Panorama, although it isnt a race BTB is on the list for Aus events, and probably Yarra Ranges DH Fest. Who do you ride for? Mudjimba Cruisers. Preferred Trucks? Definately Skoa Vapors either 47/47* or 47/26* split! Favourite wheels for gripping/racing? Would have to be Biggie Hawgs or Rads. Favourite wheels for sliding/freeride? I dont freeride LOL, but when i attempt to, the MC range goes good. What disciplines do you practice? Just gotta keep on gettin faster, but discipline wise you just gotta keep skating fun! Top memorable skate moment of yours? Hittin' around 105-110km/h at Maple Syrup! What skater inspires you the most and why? Aaron Hampshire would definately be a favourite for his sick style and attitude towards skating! Byron, Sam Hay and Francis Cooper Darquea Mauro are all rad dudes too! What was the board you first started skating on? A home made deck me and my mate made, but my first decent deck was a Daddow 120y. What was your worst bail? To this date im still lucky to not have a super gnar bail! Fingers crossed it stays that way eh?

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