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Thank You From Mudjimba Cruisers

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Thank you to all of our customers that supported Mudjimba Cruisers at the Wharf Mooloolaba. Without your support we couldn't have delayed closing the doors as long as we did. 1655654_735852213163855_833782756103450641_o Thanks to all of the staff and volunteers that delivered customer service passionately and shared to stoke of skating with so many. Calvin and Millzy in particular, thanks for everything guys, we had so many seriously rad times. It was a pleasure to work alongside you all. 10273278_652888751460202_2963136320620141210_o_Fotor Calvin loved helping me make dank ads for FB. Picture1 Millzy's grip jobs became so popular that kids would bring their decks in from all over the coast to get gripped. To the MC team riders both past and present, you are a mad crew of dedicated skaters. Countless hours of traveling to events, product testing, racing and training on the hills are just part of the reason why you were selected to represent MC and are appreciated so much. This new era for MC means success for current and future team riders. 12342635_941551792593895_7283624608193411349_n_Fotor_Collage To all the other businesses at the Wharf, I wish you all the best over the coming months and years. I thoroughly enjoyed working along side you both at the Twilight Markets and after we settled into the space that was MCshop. A special thanks to Jack and John from the cleaning crew at the Wharf, you guys are the glue that holds that place together. 1801306_871735226185334_4497839796115861393_o I am excited to once again have the time to dedicate myself to creating new designs both in urethane and wood. This is a great opportunity for me to get back to working on the MC brand and building up our online presence. UntitledMC Please support MC online, I guarantee same day shipping on all products if you order before 1pm. I'll be holding and sponsoring events and supporting the Aussie skate scene as always. Subscribe to follow us by clicking here.  

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