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Get It Off - (visor cleaner)

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One thing you can't avoid when mobbing hills with thane flying everywhere, is getting a filthy fucking helmet and visor.

Cobzys has created an amazing Visor and helmet cleaner that is safe to use, ammonia free and leaves a clean, streak free finish and also works as a disinfectant to help keep those nasty germs away from your face.

Bugs are more often than not the biggest culprit, along with dusties, exhaust fumes, mud and whatever else decides to flick up onto your visor while you're skating.

Get it off is ammonia free and safely and gently removes the muck and grime from your visor leaving a clean, clear steak free finish.

Use Cobzys GET IT OFF to clean the rest of the hard surfaces on your helmet and enjoy that fresh, clean helmet feel.

A clean visor means clear vision and safer riding.

GET IT OFF comes in a handy 10ml and spray bottle which conveniently slips into your jacket packet so you always have some GET IT OFF handy while on your ride.

Grab a 40ml bottle to keep under your seat or in your kit bag.

For best results spray Cobzys GET IT OFF from approx 20 to 25cm onto the Helmet Visor or Helmet surface and wipe off immediately with a clean dry cloth or paper towel.

Contains no Ammonia.

Cobzys is an Australian owned and operated business and GET IT OFF is 100% made in Australia.

Cobzys deliver nothing but the best products at a reasonable price and are always open to suggestions or ways to improve what they do.

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