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MCshop Penny Original Rasta 22" from

Penny Original Rasta 22"

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The Penny 22” Rasta is a tribute to the Rasta legends of the past and present. They believed in love, peace and equality – a message that’s not far from Penny’s ideals.

We totally agree with Bob Marley when he said, “In this bright future, you can’t forget your past”. We’re proud of the heritage of our boards. Penny skateboards are inspired by the original plastic skateboards of the sixties, boards that gained popularity around same time Marley did. They’re short and swift, ready to pick up speed and weave along sidewalks.

The deck on the Rasta is of the deepest black and made from our secret plastic formula. It’s super strong and super durable with the right amount of flex. We matched this deck with hardware coloured in the red, green and yellow of the Rasta movement.

The red 59mm 83A super smooth Penny wheels are a perfect fit for this board. They’re moderately soft wheels, so you can cruise comfortably on a large variety of terrains. They pick up speed and can roll right over pavement cracks or debris without stopping you dead. We pair our wheels with Penny Abec7 bearings so you can effortlessly coast at a steady speed.

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